Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today I spent some quality time with this new friend.

My new Hoover carpet cleaner. Actually we spent time together yesterday too, since I had to put it together after FedEx left the big box on my porch.  Today it was time for the test drive. First, the spinning brushes wouldn't spin. What the heck?!!  Got that figured out with some tinkering.  Later I realized it wasn't sucking any dirty water into the return tank. More tinkering. Got that working and continued. Dumped, cleaned, and went back over the entire floor to suck out more water.

The carpet looks so much better and I didn't have to half-kill myself hauling a rental machine home from the store and back again.  I always hated doing that. It was always either still wet & drippy from the last use or dry and full of someone else's dirt that wound up in my car or scattered all over the newly vacuumed carpet before I'd get it all hooked up and ready to go.  Sometimes after all that it wouldn't work at all.

My new BFF and I will get along just fine.  Until it dies.  Putting it together and then tinkering to get a couple things working showed me that it isn't made of the most sturdy parts. PLASTIC!!!  Imagine that!

What did you do for fun today??


  1. I bought myself one of those a couple years ago and love it--strictly for doing the motorhome carpets, the house has wood flooring. I used to borrow one from a relative and got sick of the dog hair and dirty water left in it so just purchased my own!

  2. I got one of these this fall. Love that I have it for the whole room, or just a spot or two where it is needed!