Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh. My. Goodness.


Right there at the top of the list......Me....Just call me "Blabber-Fingers."  This is a count of comments I've made this year on one of my favorite blogs. Kind of spooky in a way. Who would have thought blog comments are tracked.  Lurking is sounding better and better.

I commented on someone's blog just recently that I thought one of my goals for the coming year might be talking less.  Not sharing my opinions, stuff I'd read, or much of anything beyond a short comment on the weather ocassionally.  Maybe I'll just have to keep my typing fingers firmly in my pockets too.

On the other hand, maybe this will be the only time I'm ever #1 at anything. :)


  1. Comment away Linda--life would be too quiet and boring without you!

  2. Love the title "Blabber Fingers". That's how I feel when I write long emails to my cousins.
    I'm sure the recipient enjoys getting all your comments.

  3. No...don't stop commenting. I love comments and so do most bloggers I am sure. How did you find that page to give you the comments you have made?

  4. Linda, let your fingers stay on the keyboard, comments are great, they keep us all in touch, they show how we share,care, and without a comment a blog is quite forlorn. #1, great achievement, be proud. Cheers from Jean,

  5. You can be sure that all the bloggers that you visit appreciate the support and time that you give us!

  6. I sure hope you don't stop type-talking to me. I would think you were mad at me about something. ;-)