Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Baby....................

I've talked about my quilting machine in previous posts so here's a picture. It's a Gammill Premier Plus on a 10 ft. table. That's all the bigger I had room for -- both room size and purse size! LOL

That's the only actual quilt I've done since I got it over two months ago. I have some not-so-beautiful tops purchased on eBay that I'm going to use as practice pieces. Only problem was that I didn't have backings & batting so made a flying trip to O'Neill last Friday to get some. There's at least 35 yds in this pile. Not so good for my quilt club goal of using what I have but it's needed to finish projects and that's allowed.

I'll start with the least-beautiful eBay top and work my way to the one I like the best. Maybe by then my quilting will have improved enough to tackle one of the tops I pieced myself and REALLY like. Don't know what I'll do with the practice quilts, guess they could always ride in the trunk of the car in the winter or become donation quilts. While they may not be the most beautiful quilts ever made they will keep someone warm.

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  1. Hi, I'm new to blogland also! How'd you decide on your Gammill? I am just starting to look and trying to narrow things down and not being too successful. Are you happy with it so far? Any thought sent my way would be greatly appreciated!