Monday, October 27, 2008

Pretty much a flop!

Saturday was the library's annual Scholastic Book Fair and I must admit it was pretty much a flop--didn't even sell $200 worth of books. We do it to earn books for the library and needless to say, this year we didn't earn many. I keep hearing, as does everyone, how bad, bad, bad the economy is and I guess it's so bad people aren't even buying inexpensive paperback books as Christmas gifts. I can't blame it all on the shoppers, or lack thereof, because Scholastic usually sends us 9 boxes of books and this year they only sent 7. Of course the ones they shorted us on were the sale books and the picture books---the biggest sellers. Oh well, it's over for this year & we have a few months before we have to commit to doing it again or deciding not to bother. We also are having our used book sale for the rest of this week and they are not exactly going like hotcakes either. I see the dumpster getting a big donation next Monday. Does anyone hate anything worse than sending books to the dump?

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