Saturday, October 11, 2008

Backin' up a little

It occurred to me that I never posted about Things 1 & 2. I'm expecting NE Learns 2.0 to be a great learning adventure. Maybe everyone wouldn't agree but I always find learning new things to be a great adventure. I've been a life long learner for as long as I can remember, and a lot of things I've taught myself from books, videos & dvds. Now we have all these wonderful online learning opportunities.

Regarding the habits of lifelong learners, I'm probably best at playing--I play with computers, I play with my fabrics, I play with my quilting machine and sometimes working at the library is almost more play than work.

Now for the rest of them: #1. Always. When I learn how to solve a computer glitch the end I have in mind is a working computer. When I had to learn to time my quilting machine the end I had in mind was good stitches. When I learn to make a new quilt block I expect to have a quilt someday. #2. Always. If I don't accept the responsibility for my own learning, who will? #3. A computer that won't boot up is definitely a problem and a real challenge. #4. I guess I have confidence in my abilities as a learner because anytime there is something I want to learn to do, I do it. #5. You should see my collection of books, manuals, magazines, videos & dvds. Plus, I believe in always having more than one computer available for doing research when one of them fails. #6. See #5. #7. I guess I do this without even thinking about it. I'm always helping patrons at the library with using the library or computers or microfilm reader. People are always calling me with computer questions when they have problems & I help them as much as I can. Now, fixing a sick computer over the phone is a CHALLENGE :) Especially when the person on the other end of the line is pretty much computer illiterate. #7 1/2. Play, Play, Play. The part I love best!

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