Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pears & more pears

Today I'm once again working on pears. There's a batch in the dehydrator and I'll can a batch. For dehydrating, I peel them with the apple peeler so all the slices are uniform, put them on the trays and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Dry until leathery. Delish!! as one of my favorite authers, Philip Craig, used to say. I just wish I had a bigger dehydrator than my little round one with only 4 trays. It can only handle about a dozen sliced pears at a time and we had a super bumper crop this year. Same goes for apples. I still have some of them in the fridge and want to try drying them with the cinnamon sugar too.

Last night was our Quilt Club meeting at the library meeting room. As it turned out I had to work so I was double tasking like mad, playing librarian and quilt club host at the same time. It worked, my fellow quilters and the patrons are all pretty tolerant, I just didn't get to work on a quilting project like I usually do.

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