Thursday, August 6, 2009

I can hardly believe it myself..............

I stopped at the store after work to pick up a few things and found out I had won the $50 grocery drawing for July. Talk about surprised...........!!

In this post last January I tell about winning this drawing. What are the chances of it happening twice in the same year? Maybe it's just make up for all the years I never won anything.

Dog Update: Neighbors tell me they barked all day. When I came home from work there was one I'd never seen before in one pen, the one that used to be there had been moved to a pen at a different house and I'm not sure where a couple of them are. One of the Pit Bulls near me was trying to get up on top of the tarp again, still trying to get out. Right now the best I can do is hope for some strategic lightning strikes, but I doubt if I'm THAT LUCKY.


  1. Congratulations on your second win! I'm so sorry you have to deal with those dog issues. Yesterday I was ranting about a dog - as I drove by the neighbor's house to get to the alley, I saw the dog open and a dog come bounding out. It looked like a pitbull or boxer. I turned into the alley and it looked like it was aiming for my house. That explains the presents I get from time to time. Luckily he got scared of the car and darted off in the other direction. I just don't understand people who let their dogs run loose - if you own a dog you have to take responsibility for it. The weather is nice, it is daytime, there is no excuse whatsoever.

  2. bet your glad I NEVER sign up for the grocery drawing......just leaves more chances for you to win! I figured out after not winning for 18 years I was just not going to be lucky so why even try.