Monday, August 31, 2009

Should have pictures.....oh, well

Our nephew's wedding was Saturday....a lovely outdoor wedding and it was a beautiful day for it. It sure got chilly after the sun went down though. We left a little before 10:00 and you could see your breath. Brrrr..........didn't think I'd be saying that for a while!! LOL No pictures, of course. I was travelin' light. Well, not exactly, with bug spray & flashlights in my purse. Actually there wasn't room for the camera.

Sunday was the annual family get-together for my husband's side of the family. Rather poor attendance this year. Hmmmmmm.........could it be because everyone saw each other at the wedding the day before????

I've had some good luck with genealogy research this last week or so. Have you tried the pilot records search at I found my great-grandparents' marriage license and my DH's great-grandfather's death certificate. I found that the search goes better if you capitalize all the names, otherwise it seems to miss things. Then I came home from work today and looked for a few more names. Kept coming up empty so I started doing Google searches for them and found a family tree for my DH's great-grandmother. It was all in German/Dutch and even translated it's difficult to work through it so I sent off an e-mail to the site owner offering to exchange information. Now I have to wait (impatiently) for him to reply. I'm hoping he can send me a report that consists of just DH's great-grandmother's line and not all the rest. I don't know what genealogy software he uses but it certainly does things differently from mine and I find it hard to decipher. It includes lots of things in the report though, like witnesses at weddings and christenings. I hope something comes of it.

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  1. The familysearch site is awesome. I've found death certificates, but so far, they haven't done marriage certificates for the areas I'm researching. I've helped them create their index. I try to do a batch every once in a while, to show support, and to get the projects going. I love that I can do it online at my leisure.