Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What a zoo............

That's exactly what the library was yesterday and last night. I wonder if Monday evenings are always that busy............I don't usually work then. It was busy all day, then we had a Library Board meeting, then in the evening it was crazy busy and there was a Quilt Club meeting in the meeting room. Lots of bodies, all the computers running....the poor air conditioner couldn't quite keep up....or maybe it's just showing its age. I know the feeling some days.

I was hoping for a quiet evening so I could spend time with the quilting group but I could only pop in for a little bit from time to time because it was so busy up front. Our friend Lori from SD came to sew with us and I really didn't get much chance to visit with her. After spending the evening with the whole group she probably thinks we're as crazy as a cageful of monkeys. I think I offended a few stitchers with my efforts to keep the noise level down, but if the other patrons start complaining about the noise from the meeting room we could lose our free meeting space.

My neighborhood's been pretty quiet since Sunday evening when my neighbors got a citation for their barking dogs disturbing the whole area. I called the Sheriff's office Sun. morning after they barked for two hours straight & all day on Sat. It's amazing what a citation and the knowledge that they're going to court & paying a fine & court costs can do for keeping the noise level down. Of course it probably means they have to keep the two barking ringleaders in the house all the time, but hey, these are their beloved pets, right? They shouldn't mind living in close quarters with them. All I know is that I feel a lot calmer without all that barking.

The fun continues.

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  1. It was a hoot! Spent the evening listening to everyone (and thinking they sounded just like MY relatives!) and sewing and trying to match the names to faces. Can I come next month too???