Sunday, August 16, 2009

A long day

The sweet corn was ready today, so guess what I've been doing all day....right, getting sweet corn in the freezer. I expected to get out to the patch early and zip through picking it, but after over 4 in. of rain overnight I waited a while for the plants to dry off a little.......wet corn plants and 60 degrees didn't sound like a lot of fun. To top it off the wind blew like crazy sometime in the night & it was all flat on the ground. It's so much fun to pick when that happens. My back was killing me by the time that was finished and it still all had to be husked, scalded & cut off. Would you believe my husband wanted me to cook lunch????? He helped pick & husk so I guess he though he deserved to eat. What with all the messing around it was after 3pm before the first batch was ready to cut off the cob. It's all in the freezer now so that's done for another year. Just another one of those things on the list I like to get checked off. He went to Pierce tonight to get my peaches so sometime this week I'll be doing those......just love eating fresh peaches.