Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eye candy

Today's eye candy is my Bricks all sewed to the Stepping Stones and pressed.

Behind them is a pile of scrap strips left over from the backings of quilts. I cleaned out underneath my quilting machine. Yaaaay me!!!! LOL They'll most likely get cut into strips for Heartstrings quilts but I AM considering cutting the cat fabric into bricks along with a bunch of my other cat fabric and making another Bricks & Stepping Stones quilt. Don't know what I'll use for the Stepping Stones yet but I'm considering an assortment of hand dyes. What do you think?? Or should I just stick to two colors? Hmmmmmmmmm

Today I've been deeply into harvest-type things again. First thing this morning I got a load of apples in the dehydrator.....Golden Delicious...and they ARE delicious. After lunch I went out to the garage and found some of the ripest pears and made a French Pear Pie. It's in the oven now. Maybe if I remember I'll post the recipe in a later post. We really like it with a good helping of vanilla ice cream on top.

.............Had to take a minute to take the pie out...looks good.

Once the pie was in the oven I pulled on my gloves & went to dig in the freezer for some bags of chokecherries I put in there more than a couple years ago (can't remember exactly) and put them on to cook. It was either they were good enough to cook or they were getting thrown out. They'd been in there long enough. They seem OK so I'll make jelly on Tuesday since I work at the library on Monday.

DH picked the squash & pumpkins today. There are only four big, orange pumpkins, just enough for each grandchild & us to have jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. The squash more than made up for the small number of pumpkins...65!!! My friends & neighbors better lock up their houses and cars or they might find them full of squash. LOLOL

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  1. I was in the browsing mood this morning and thoroughly enjoyed your blog!