Thursday, October 1, 2009

The week so far

It was hard to get out of bed this morning since it was so dark, gloomy & windy. The forecast is for even stronger wind for tonight and tomorrow. Maybe I'll sleep in in the morning. Yeah, right!! I never can sleep past 8:00 no matter how hard I try for later. :)

Monday and Tuesday I made deer jerky a little different than we have always made it. Most years part of the meat gets made into summer sausage but last fall we didn't need any more of that so the meat just got cut into chunks and frozen. We have always made jerky by slicing some of the meat, soaking it overnight in a flavoring & salt solution and then drying it in the dehydrator. This time we used ground meat, Jack's Links original flavor jerky cure & seasoning mix and a "Jerky Gun." It turned out pretty good, but a little peppery for us. I think for the next batch I'll use all the cure but a bit less of the seasoning mix.

Tuesday night I went to my oldest grand-daughter's freshman volleyball game at Pierce. They won in two sets. And I found out the difference in having the game at the high school gym instead of the downtown auditorium gym. When freshman games are downtown they go for three of five sets and cost $1. At the high school they play for two of three sets because the JV and Varsity teams play too and the cost is $5. You have to pay for less bleacher butt, apparently. :)

Last night I worked on my Bricks & Stepping Stones for a while. All the 4-Patches are sewed to the bricks now. My least favorite part...pressing...has to be done now. I've made a lot of blocks, now I have to decide if I want to make a twin-size for the bunk beds or a bigger one. Guess I'll wait and see how far the blocks go. Is that relaxed, or what?? :)

Today was spent at the library. There was some end of the year stuff to do and new books to unpack. Otherwise it was pretty quiet. People who weren't at work didn't want to come out in the cold wind, I guess. I go back for the evening hours but don't expect it to be too busy then either.

Sorry there's no photos but some weeks just don't warrant a lot of picture taking.

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