Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My beautiful new............... range.

I had to share a photo while it's all shiny & new. It sure is great to have more than one just-barely-working burner. Got a good deal on it too. It has a small dent at the bottom of one side so they gave me $75 off. With the difference in sales tax it comes to about an $80 savings. The cabinet beside it completely covers the dent. I LOVE my $80 dent!!! LOL

I finally finished ripping & resewing the Bricks & Stepping Stones blocks. Now I just have to pick off loose threads & press them again. Still can't believe I messed up such a simple block. The lesson here is, "read the directions" rather than just sewing stuff together willy-nilly.


  1. Yes, who on earth could stick their head in that crack to see the dent! What a great deal. I wonder if I could cook on a stove where all the burners worked?~!

  2. Lovely new stove!! Congrats! What are you going to cook on there first?? :)

  3. Nice stove! I wish I had one that size! Good thing I don't like to cook because I've only got two burners!