Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

It's a little early, I know. I found my new blog background at thecutestblogontheblock and thought I might as well get a leg up on my Halloween decorating. It might be the ONLY Halloween decorating I do!! LOL I love Halloween and have a couple of boxes of decorations stashed in the basement storeroom, but somehow or other a bunch of other stuff has gotten piled in front of those shelves that I'd have to climb over/move to get to them. How does that happen anyway??

In a way, Halloween is the perfect holiday. You can decorate as much as you want, make special treats and eat all the candy you can hold. No presents to buy and wrap, no big holiday meal to cook, no house to clean so guests to the big holiday meal can get in the door. Just fun, fun, fun.

I've had a couple Halloween/Fall quilting projects hovering in the background for a few years now. Will I get them done this year?? Probably not, but they're fun to think about and look at the patterns and pet the chosen fabrics. Sometimes that's enough, ya know? The new blog background does put me in the mood though.

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