Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy Sunday

It was clear out and the sun was shining this morning, so I knew it would be a good day. Certainly a major improvement over the clouds and cold northwest wind of yesterday.

I delivered the two QAYG quilts to the benefit for the family who had the house fire two weeks ago and ate a late breakfast there. Then home to do a few chores(there's always the dishwasher to unload & load again, and there's always cat hair to vacuum up) and fix my DH some fish for lunch. He could have gone with me to the benefit but he'd rather tinker with his lawn mowers.

After lunch I decided I had some sort of bug on my laptop so started running tools to clean that off. Every one of those fake anti-virus bugs is different, this one changed the DNS server setting. While that was happening I worked on cutting out my next quilt:

I'll let you guess what this will be. I've already found the next quilt I want to try after this one....a strip quilt variation that looks like fun. I also have the main fabrics piled up for Bonnie Hunter's Orange many projects, so little time.

Oh, yeah. I also got a quilt loaded on the Premier. It's been awhile. I had to partially re-thread the machine and had to get out the manual. LOLOL

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