Monday, March 15, 2010

Sewed...........sad ocassion

The good news............I sewed Saturday after work. The bad was blocks for a quilt for a family who had a house fire that afternoon. They are all safe......they were at the State basketball tournament in Lincoln. My brother-in-law the Fire Chief thinks the house is most likely beyond repair. Later in the evening they were moving some things out, but who knows what was salvageable.... the fire probably smoldered for quit a while and the house was completely filled with oily black smoke by the time the firemen got in and I could see flames in the dining room through the bay window about that time. Sad, sad day.

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  1. That's so sad. Will they be able to rebuild? The quilt could be the start for getting back some of what they lost. Maybe even a fundraiser quilt to help financially?

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