Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day not going quite as planned

Actually, things not going as planned started last night. I decided it was time to ditch the Eudora e-mail client since it's been discontinued and hasn't been updated in at least four years. So I did a Google search for new clients and started trying them out. One of them decided to re-send all the old e-mails that were still in my "sent" file. So, if anyone's had a strange message from me, it's not because of a virus and you're not crazy, it's just an e-mail program gone berserk. I finally settled on Thunderbird, it's improved some since the last time I tried it and I'm determined to get used to it. I tried IncrediMail. I guess it's cute but all that cuteness got annoying real in half an hour. There was one called Nirvana and I thought it would be really cool to have an e-mail program called Nirvana, but it's not available for download yet. Bummer.

This morning I got a bunch of red, blue, white/cream fabrics out to start working on some patriotic string signature blocks when I realized my cat was having a problem that turned out to be bladder infection so I had to take her to the vet...the closest is about 25 mi. away. She had to get into a pet carrier, ride in a car to a strange place.......and strangers touched her. My God, you should have heard the protests. After listening to the protests all the way there I expected her to try to take someone's arm off trying to get her out of the carrier, but no, once she's there she's perfectly composed, doesn't try to escape or anything. Never protested being squeezed and prodded by the vet. Didn't even seem to notice the shot. Always amazes me.

Now back to the blocks and then it'll be time to make supper.

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  1. Hope your kitty has recovered!. Days OFTEN go like that for me... What's the point in planning?