Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another one quilted

Here's a picture of the quilt I finished quilting yesterday. I used Mountain Mist poly and the "Halcyon" panto. Pretty, cuddly and light-weight. I know some quilters will only use cotton batting, but I like poly because of the light weight. A cotton batting in a large quilt can be quite heavy.

Last night was our Quilt Club meeting. We worked on small quilts for a group that provides quilts to at-risk newborns. Sadly, those who don't survive are often buried in their quilt.

Other activities recently have included cleaning viruses and other assorted crap off computers. This latest crop of "rogue" viruses that pretend to be anti-virus programs are a real problem. Real anti-virus programs like McAfee and Norton don't seem to detect them so specialized tools are needed. I find too that they often include other nasties like rootkits, worms, hijackers and obfuscators, all to hide themselves from the real security programs. Not to mention the trojans that let other stuff download onto your computer. Just let me say that if you suddenly get a popup on your screen saying you are infected and it's not from your security program, you ARE infected & need to take your computer to someone experienced at removing these things. Most of the time it is NOT necessary to wipe out everything on your computer & reinstall Windows, so be sure the person you take it too is willing to try everything else before taking that drastic step. Losing all your pictures, music, etc. is NOT a good feeling. It's a good time to be faithfully backing up anything that means anything to you.

And, I must mention the crazy wind we had yesterday. It blew so hard one could hardly stand up in it. I think our newspaper got sucked out of the box the minute it was delivered, it's probably in South Dakota by now. The digital clock on my kitchen range was wonky and around 11 last night a couple of electrical circuits in the house went out. I checked the breakers, none seemed to be tripped, but I reset them all anyway and things came back on. Weird. Especially since the one circuit had nothing on it but two lamps. It's the one the air conditioner gets plugged into & is a dedicated circuit. This morning everything is back to normal. I talked to a guy from the power co. and he said the lines may have gotten to bouncing on the insulators in the high winds and caused some fluctuation in power levels. Like I said, weird. Since there was recently a house fire in town caused by the electric wires coming into the house, and one near miss, it all made me a little nervous.

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  1. I love the colors in your quilt! That must have taken quite a bit of organization to get the colors just where you wanted them...