Monday, April 5, 2010 it's later!

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. We had Easter dinner at our daughter's sister-in-law's home. The two of them trade off having Easter dinner. It was really nice, but just not the same as when DD's mother-in-law was still living & it was always at her house. Now when it's at the SIL's all her DH's family is there too.....lots of people we only see every other year and never really get to know. Didn't get to see our son & DIL at all....Guess they went to her side of the family.

Remember the other day when I said I'd been pushing buttons and would report on that later? Yep, it's later and here's a photo of the damages....96 1/2 yds. worth of damages to be exact. Somehow it doesn't LOOK like that much.

I'm really glad I'm not reporting on Judy L.'s stashbusting report. It would look really bad.

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  1. That's quite a haul!! Just shows how easy shopping on line can be. Enjoy :)