Friday, April 2, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I pulled fabric & cut strips. Today, for a few hours, I sewed, pressed, trimmed....and here we are. A batch of signature blocks for a project in Lincoln. Julia, these will be on their way to you after Easter.

There's a chance I may have gotten a little carried away with the rotary cutter. Looks like there are plenty of strips here for another quilt. LOL

The thought has occurred to me that I'm procrastinating on getting going on the painting project in my kitchen. Actually I'm pretty sure I am...have been for two years now. LOL It's not the painting I'm dragging my feet on, it's all the SCRUBBING that has to be done before repainting in a kitchen and the wallpaper removal.

And in the mean time, there's somebody that lives here that thinks I should always drop everything and COOK for him just because the clock says lunchtime or suppertime. What's wrong with sandwiches or burgers & fries or a pizza? They work for me. (And I'm seriously thinking about smashing every clock in the house!!!)


  1. Now I know who to call for RWB! Good job on the blocks!

  2. The blocks are great - but Pizza sounds good for dinner!!. I see a RWB String quilt in your future!!

  3. The perfect day...sewing blocks followed by pizza!
    Those blocks look great.

  4. Oh heck! Now you have me thinking about doing string quilts. As if I didn't already have enough ufo's waiting, you go and temp me to create more. (smile) I'll be ok. Those look great though.