Friday, April 23, 2010

Just life....

There hasn't been a whole lot to write about. I admire the bloggers who always seem to find something in their day that's worthy of a post.

Last weekend we were dog sitting for our DS & DDIL while they went on a quick trip to Colorado with her parents to visit her brother. That's kind of the way it goes....they go to Yellowstone, we dog-sit; they go to Colo., we dog-sit; our daughter's family goes on a trip, we dog-sit; DD & her DH go on a trip, we baby-sit AND dog-sit. They OWE us!! LOLOL Now I just have to think of something in the way of getting paid back.

Sunday we celebrated our grandson Tyler's 7th birthday, and his Daddy's too. Doesn't seem like that little guy should be 7 already. They grow up so fast.

And I'm in love!! With my new HP 21 1/2" widescreen, flat panel monitor with built in speakers. It looks good and the speakers are actually pretty good too.

What's not to love?

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  1. Your monitor does look like mine. But I do think mine has speakers. And if it does they have not spoken to me yet! HA!
    I had a black cat named "Pokey". It was a derivitive of "Poor Kitty". When we found her she had a broken jaw,eyesocket,tail and ribs. She made it 17 years with all those damages. The eyesocket wound is was killed her. It developed a tumor.