Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting ready

Two of the grandkids will be coming to stay for a couple of days late Thurs. afternoon so I need to get ready. A trip to the grocery store will be in order since they expect things that I don't ordinarily have on hand, like Oreos, toaster waffles and chips. If that kind of stuff is around I eat it and I definitely don't need it!!! You know, the "see food" diet.

Another "must" is getting their beds ready. I have a set of bunkbeds in my sewing room that they sleep in when they come to stay. Of course, they don't come to stay all that often so I tend to pile stuff on the beds, especially the top one. It just makes such a good spot to get things out of my way...........until I have to move it all.

Sunday I had DH help me put the smaller AC in the window of that room. They always complain its too hot. That's probably because you need long underwear & a winter coat at their house in the summer, especially in the basement where two of the kids have their rooms. With the AC in their room here they may wake up with icicles hanging off their noses in the mornings.  Call me strange but I don't like it quite that cold in the house.

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  1. I like it pretty cold in the house, except in the Winter!!