Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot, humid wedding

Saturday was my niece's wedding in Fremont at Hormel Park. HOT and HUMID, but a beautiful wedding nonetheless. She did all the decorations and flowers herself.  That art degree is paying off already. The reception & dance was in the nice, air-conditioned Love Larson Opera House. Towards the end of the dance though, the AC was having a little trouble keeping up. The newlyweds & their friends danced up a storm.....literally. We came home in a fantastic lightning display. I had my camera along and snapped a few pictures:

The young man two spaces to the right of the groom and the two young men at the right end of the row are my nephews.

The happy couple.

I think she took her colors from her favorite pair of cowboy boots.

Father/daughter dance.  I have this pic to prove my brother danced. Twice actually. He danced with his wife for the wedding party dance. But that was IT.


  1. Everyone looks lovely despite the heat... I love the aqua blue dresses and the boots bring it all together.

    What a beautiful couple.. congrats to the families!

  2. the boots are great! we have an outside wedding this weekend. I'm dreading it! Zucchini, I have two hills, I think that will be plenty. I have been looking for internet pics of the Spencer dam, haven't found any yet!