Sunday, July 17, 2011

We wished for warmer temps.......

....and now they're here. My thermometer is sitting on 98* and I just saw on AccuWeather that the forecast high for today is 103*. Whoever invented AC wasn't paid nearly enough!!!

Been doing some slicing & dicing of fabric lately:

Doesn't look like much yet.

Yesterday we went to my BIL's wedding....why do people get married in July when it's almost a sure thing the weather will be at it's hottest and most humid? Weather wise it was a repeat of our niece's wedding last year, only her's was outdoors and this was in a church with comfortable AC in the sanctuary.  Then we moved to the church basement for the meal and it was freezing cold down there, after which we moved on to the auditorium downtown where it started off fairly cool but got hotter as the evening progressed. I heard the happy couple is going to Arizona for their honeymoon. Who in their right mind goes to Arizona in July?? Oh well, it's a dry heat! :-) :-)  

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