Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Appreciate Your Plumbing

How's that for a title?  You know, none of us truly appreciate plumbing until it doesn't work.  Friday after work my DH threw his work clothes in the washer, started it up and went outside to do whatever it is that DHs do when they go outside.  I was in the house and it was quiet and after a while I heard gurgle, gurgle, gurgle coming from the bathroom. Having had this experience many times since living in this house, I immediately knew the drain was backing up and dashed for the basement to shut off the washer. Too late, the water was already spreading.

Now, late Friday afternoon was the beginning of the Columbus Day long weekend, so that was one strike against me. I did get the town maintenance guy to come look at the sewer line under the street, but he didn't want to get the jet truck to jet the line because he was clocked out for the weekend and would be back to work on Tues.  Our regular drain routering guy was gone because they'd just had a baby and the baby was having some issues. Strike two.  So I called another  guy who had done our drains before. He wasn't home either but I left a message which never got returned. Strike three.

So this morning I set my alarm for bright and early and called no. 3 at about 7:15 and he agreed to send someone to my house by mid-morning. Then called guy no. 1 to make sure he remembered he was going to jet the main sewer line this morning. He did and he did. Guy no. 3's guy showed up and routered the line from the house to the main and all is well.  So, appreciate your plumbing. I appreciate mine more than I did last week.  You just don't realize how much you run water until you can only run a very small amount once in a great while.

After all that drama I decided I was going to get a quilt loaded on the Premier and do a little quilting.  The poor machine was probably thinking I'd totally abandoned it since it's been so long since I quilted anything.

Orange Crush loaded on the machine
I have more tops to do and hope the momentum will last until I get at least a couple more done.


  1. I can so relate to this post as we have had many problems with the plumbing in this old house of ours. We had a new stack and lines put into the main part of the house last winter ( a big bill) only to have it backing up again in June. Our son was able to clean it out at that time but he has since moved away from home( and across country). It started backing up again in September so 400 dollars later and more aggravation, the company who we paid big bucks to in January came, and cleaned it again. Imagine our frustration when we heard the telltale gurgling sound just barely another month later.. We called the city this time and they cleaned out the tree roots, told us what a terrible job the company had done of cleaning it out as well as laying the new line and charged us half what the company had. Hopefully it will be good for awhile now... I'll cross my fingers for you -
    Regards from Western Canada,

  2. I will appreciate my plumbing.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how you quilt your Orange Crush!