Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CPD 23 -- Week 17

Thing 12 -- Final Reflection

Thank-you to the Nebraska Library Commission for offering the opportunity to participate in CPD 23.  When I look back at how much has changed in the library world in the past ten years and look ahead to how much change is no doubt still to come I want to encourage everyone to take advantage of opportunities like this.

When I first saw that CPD 23 was being offered my reaction was, "Not again." Then I reconsidered for a couple of reasons. (1) There are always new things I can learn and what better way to be nudged into it than a structured program. (2)  There are useful things available the I wouldn't even hear about except for a program like this. (3) 15 hours of CE credit for free with no driving is nothing to be sneezed at.  Most CE opportunities involve a 2-hr. round trip, at least, for me.

Some of the "Things" at the beginning of the program were a review of some things included in Nebraska 2.0, but having the memory refreshed is never a bad thing. I know some of the software programs I'll never use, but knowing about them isn't a bad thing.  I have started using Dropbox as backup for my genealogy database.

The thing I miss about online learning is not having the other participants to talk with. It's just me and my computer. But still, as fast as things change, online learning makes a lot of sense. One thing about working in a library is that you have to make an effort to keep up with new developments, as overwhelming as it seems at times.

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  1. I've benefited from you taking your class too. I checked out Drop Box and installed it on both of my computers and my cell phone. It works great so thank you for sharing the information about it on your blog. I am always interested in learning new things about computing so always check out what ever someone posts as it just might be something that will work for me.