Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Drum Roll Please

My Roll Roll Cotton Boll is now a top!  Just finished it after supper. It always surprises me that a quilt with so many pieces actually comes out the way it's supposed to. I have to admire Bonnie H.'s pattern writing skill. The pieced border is a little finicky and can need some adjustment so the corner pieces fit properly.

I didn't get the binding attached to the Orange Crush yesterday so that was first on the list this morning.  I finish my bindings by machine following Judy L.'s method so it shouldn't take to long to finish once I sit down at the machine to do it.

I thought I'd show you the results of my foray into knitting on the round looms:

Actually I made four hats. One is the same as the middle one, only bigger. Actually I made it a little too big so might tear it out and do it over. We'll see. It's fast and addictive. Since I got rid of yarn collections twice over the years I need to exercise a little self-restraint and not start buying yarn again.

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