Friday, October 7, 2011

Holiday Decorating

In years past I have gone all out with decorations for the various holidays. There are boxes & boxes of stuff in the basement. Last year I was working on my kitchen so nothing got put out for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving and very little for Christmas. Lo and behold, I discovered that more is NOT better and I like the simpler look. Here's my effort for Halloween this year.

My Halloween decorating effort

Just a few things on top of the entertainment center, a pair of painted wood pumpkins leaning against the side, a small decoration on the front door, and a little ceramic jack-o-lantern on the end table.  It's enough.  At the end of the month I'll just switch out the Halloween things for a few Thanksgiving things.

Last year my Christmas tree didn't go up until just a couple of days before the big day  with just lights and few colored globes. I liked it. (Other years I have always had the tree completely covered with ornaments collected over the years.)  Added a few of my Santas on top of the entertainment center, Santa's hat over the corner of a picture frame & decorating was done. I'm thinking maybe I'll do the same thing and just add a very few of the collected ornaments to the tree this year.

Somehow, so much of the holiday decorations just seem like clutter to me anymore. I'm seriously thinking of going through everything, picking out my very favorites, and hauling the rest off to Good Will.

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  1. Shall I now turn of the computer and stop trying to get caught up on blog reading... And go and put up my Halloween decorations? Yes, maybe I should...