Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Monday

Well, at least the sun is trying to shine. We had a little dusting of snow overnight that is already starting to melt.

We had a nice quiet weekend, I had to work at the library on Saturday and my husband went to a late Thanksgiving potluck at his brother's. First thing that morning we went to Plainview to get my car, it needed to have the water pump replaced. I got the backing seamed and squared up for the "camper" quilt. It's all laying on the quilt machine table waiting to be loaded. I should have gotten that done yesterday but I was just too darned lazy!!

Last night I watched four episodes of Eureka on the computer. I always liked that show, but I don't think it's on any more. I like being able to watch shows online when I miss them on TV. The original CSI has always been a favorite & it's on on Thursday nights when I have to work at the library. Too bad CBS only keeps two weeks worth online, which I discovered when it was too late to see the first few shows of the new season. I totally missed Warrick getting killed and there was such a hullaballoo about that. But, hey, ABC keeps whole seasons online and I can watch all the Lost I want.

Saturday at the library turned out to be kind of busy so I'm hoping today will be quieter. I need to prepare for the Library Board meeting later this afternoon and I have a bunch of new books setting here that are cataloged but need to be processed for the shelves---spine labels, AR labels, stamped, plastic jacket cover put on. This time of year the patrons read more and it can be hard to keep something new and fresh ready for them.


  1. I am going to have to make the trip to Orchard to see that machine of your's before you ware it out!! Check to see my Orchard quilters Christmas quilt. I got it done. It's good to read your blog. Flicsha

  2. We don't watch CSI Miami, but my husband can repeat the commercials word for word.
    Our weather here in Ontario has had no sunshine in it for a week or more. It is very depressing. That's why I am quilting bright stuff...I need sunshine!

  3. Amazon has a bunch of shows for purchase...$1.99...I've caught up on a few that way.

    Love the new background!

  4. Plainview, Orchard, all names I know and have been to! LOL--love to read your blog.