Sunday, December 7, 2008

Look What I Got!!

Last night we went to my husband's work Christmas party. It was nice--meal, games, door prizes--I even won two $5.00 Hot Stuff gift certificates. I had heard that the Blarney Stone had gone downhill over the past year, but I thought the food was fine. Actually any food I don't have to cook and clean up after is usually fine as long as it isn't something like sauerkraut or cooked spinach. After the party it was still early so we stopped at Pamida to pick up a couple Christmas gifts and some stuff on sale. Best of all I got this new microwave--on sale for $80. My old one is at least 25 yr. old and is very slow to come on, plus the start button doesn't always work right. I think it was time for a new one, don't you? And I don't THINK it's even my Christmas present.


  1. Hello! I found your blog via a message you left at Quiltville. Did you know that there's a YahooGroup for librarians who quilt? The BiblioQuilters collaborate on quilts that are sold at the silent auction at the ALA annual conference. Participants are anyone who works in or with libraries (MLS not required; ALA membership not required). Check us out!

  2. I may need you to become my best friend cause I LOVE LIBRARIES!!! Love them with a red hot passion! I even brave homeless people over here to go into our public library. I have loved books since I was a wee thing...I even put books back exactly where I find them if that moves you in my favor when you are thinking of a new best friend. There are days when the family just drops me off at the library so I can spend a couple of hours meandering around happily. :)
    Today I read that you get to pick out the books for your library!! OMG YOU HAVE THE BEST JOB EVER!!!!
    I just added you to my favorites in bloglines and put cute little hearts and stars by your name.
    sigh, you had me at hello.