Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What have I been doing?

Today I finished quilting the brown/cream/black "camper" quilt. I showed a picture of it before, as a top, so don't have one here. It turned out pretty good, though there was a tension issue on one row. If the back wasn't such a busy print I would have had to rip out the whole row & do it over, but as it is, I just left it. It feels a bit rough on the back but I think it will be OK. The thread came out of the intermittent tension and caused the problem.

Yesterday was the special assessor's recall election. A loooooooooong day. Worked 13 1/2 hrs at the polls, then made a 50 mi. round trip to the courthouse to deliver the ballots and that blasted, heavy, awkward voting machine that no one uses. The heater on my car doesn't work very well anymore and by the time I got home I was so cold I thought I'd never get warm. To illustrate---even though I started it 15 min. before I left the polls I had to stop at the 2-mile corner to scrape frost off the INSIDE of the windshield because I couldn't see out any more. Might as well borrow a horse & buggy from the Amish.

It was pretty cold here again today but the sun was shining and all the snow we got yesterday looked really pretty. Pretty cold. It's getting late, I have to work at the library tomorrow, so nighty-night.


  1. I dug back through your posts to find the camper quilt, it's beautiful! I love brown schemes, so that one is a big hit with me. I hope you share a picture of it quilted.

  2. Enjoyed going back thru your blog and reading about how many times you have changed "the look" of it! Yes, living in the midwest has it's things, deer being cut up in the kitchen, I did buckets of apples until I was tired of them, (I made apple pie filling and apple butter) and remember lambs in laundry baskets and a calf under my daughter's high chair one winter. ROFL So a snowblower was not that big a deal. My sister is also the local librarian--and I laugh when I read how much you guys have in common, computers, ordering books, etc. Send your email, my sisters both lived not far from you I think. I spend the summers in Yankton at the Gavin's Point Visitor Center, I actually LIVE on the Nebraska side!