Friday, February 13, 2009

A gazillion of them

Well, actually only 162 but it started to feel like a gazillion by the time they were pieced, pressed and squared up. I know Bonnie H.'s direction don't mention squaring these up but I find that with quilts with this many pieces everything just fits together so much better if each step is squared up.

Now I can back up and do step 2. See, they're all laid out and ready to go.

So far everything in this quilt is from stash. A lot of it is left-overs from my brown & pink quilt I pieced last year. The one that's still waiting to be quilted. I did go to the quilt shop to find some brown print with some pink in it for the borders and they didn't have any, except for the one I already used on that brown/pink quilt. I didn't want to use it on two so I did get a brown with gold print, I thought it would do. Then I dug around in the brown stash once I got home and found a piece that I think might work better that I've probably had since the early 90's. I think there's enough for borders and it's probably aged long enough by now.

We had to get a new Internet provider at the library because the one who has been giving us free access for the last 12 yrs. or so is pulling out of our area. The Frontier tech came yesterday and hooked it up. Now it's up to me to get our networking and our online catalog working with it. I hope there's no problems because I can't get into the modem/router to change anything and I really, really hate sitting on hold waiting for tech support to get around to me. The library web page will also have to be changed, all our suppliers will have to be notified of our new email address, web host too, as well as the Library commission who will also have to be notified of our new IP address for our access to the State provided databases. A lot of details. One good thing is that through all this and my contact with the phone co. we were informed of a charge on the Village/Library phone bill from a company that was charging us $34.95 a mo. for web hosting since Sept. and neither one of us was using that co. It's been blocked now & our Village Clerk is trying to get hold of them for a refund. That doesn't look very promising, but at least the situation was caught & won't continue.

The forecast for today is for up to 6" of snow but nary a flake so far. It won't hurt my feelings at all if the forecast was wrong. The old snow is pretty much all melted now and the mud is drying up. It would be nice if it stayed that way.


  1. I hope the snow stays far far away from you!! Are you as tired of the cold as I am????? :)
    Have a very happy Valentines day my friend!

  2. I just popped in for a quick visit to your blog. It's great. I was visiting Mary and saw your cute blog logo. I too am so sick of the snow. We usually get what you have left over or it passes you. I want spring to be here. We were in Montreal for the weekend and it was about 10 degrees colder than here in Toronto. Yikes!