Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I did it again...

What is it that I did again? I lost another scarf....the second one this winter. It's getting so that you can follow me by the trail of lost scarves I leave behind. I DO know I left this one at the dentist's office yesterday. I called and yes, it's there. I asked the receptionist if she could stuff it in a big envelope & mail it to me since it's so lightweight. She sounded hesitant so I'll wait a couple days to see what happens. You'd think after you paid $55 for about 20 minutes of tooth cleaning that they could afford a couple bucks in postage..........and I'd repay it anyway. Like I say, we'll see what happens.

And, last night I finished step 1 of the Double Delight mystery quilt. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! I'd better be careful to not hurt myself patting my own back......
Now I think I'll skip ahead to step 3 and tackle these.......
That will give me a little break from sewing, pressing & trimming all those triangles.


  1. I just came across your blog and thought I would check in and see your quilts. Actually what caught my eye was that you are from Nebraska - that is my DH's home state. I'll check back in with you.

  2. Hope you get your scarf back. Your Double Delight looks enticing!