Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where does the time go???

I'm sure I don't know. And I can't say I've accomplished a whole lot since the last post a week
ago. I did get the back pieced for the patriotic string quilt & cut the batting to size. I want to get it loaded on the machine Tues. or Wed. & get started on the quilting. Today I finally got started sewing on the Double Delight mystery quilt. I sewed and pressed and trimmed and sewed and pressed and trimmed and repeated for hours and I'm still not finished with step #1.
The pieces were all cut in advance too. I'm beginning to think it may be next New Year's before this one is finished.

Friday I went to stay with my grandkids while their parents were in Omaha. My SIL had been sent to Clarkson Hospital to have surgery for a cyst in his pancreas so grandma got called on to babysit. I had no idea how long I'd be there so I packed up my laptop, a book & new quilting magazine & my lightweight sewing machine and the parts & pieces of the DD. Was also returning their computer which had come to see Computer Dr. Grandma to get it working right again. The upshot was that I set up all my sewing stuff, set up their computer only to find it needed a new mouse, searched the town of Pierce to find one, looked through my magazine, never opened my book, now the computer needs a keyboard, and found out the Omaha Drs. want to wait on the surgery until the cyst develops thicker walls, daughter came home, I packed up all my stuff & came home & SIL was supposed to come home today too, to await the optimum time for surgery. I never sewed a single stitch!! Such is life.

I'm including this last picture as a bonus. It was taken from my
front step last Tues. It was just so pretty out with all the frost
& snow on the trees.


  1. I hope that SIL comes out OK.
    I havn't got much done my self. Flicsha

  2. Time is elusive for all of us. I hope things go ok for SIL.