Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still lucky............................

I guess my lucky streak from Dec. & Jan. must still be in force. Last night at quilt club I won the door prize that Jane brought, a casserole carrier, a small wallet and eight BRIGHT fat quarters. She made the casserole carrier & wallet. Thank you, Jane.

We met at the library and everyone made it even though it was kind of nasty out with rain and wind. Linda P. hosted and fed us way to well, like she always does............and we all enjoy every bite!!

Today I sewed together a gazillion little 3 1/2" nine patches for the Double Delight. They're pressed but I still need to square them up. Maybe I'd be able to get away without doing that step but I've found that quilts with this many little pieces in each block go together so much better if I take the time to do it.

My sympathies go out to the Australians who have lost homes & loved ones in the fires. It's hard for me to imagine such huge fires, traveling so fast and burning hundreds of thousands of acres. It's so far away and yet the Internet brings it all so close. And now I read that tornadoes struck already in Oklahoma. It's so early in the year for that. One can only wonder what the rest of the year will bring.


  1. I hope it brings good news. I think we all need some! Flicsha

  2. There are so many disasters aren't there - seems like we go from one to another.

    I understand being busy and not being able to take on anything else. My feeling is that you just do what you can - you can't possible do everything!