Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amish store

Judy L. talks a lot about going to a nearby Amish store and the wonderful produce they have there. There's an Amish store near where I live too, but it just started up a few months ago so they don't have a whole lot yet.....and none of that wonderful produce. This is a photo of a few things I picked up when I made a little jaunt out there this morning. So far they have mostly bulk foods but they are planning to expand. The young Amish lady who owns it says she orders a little more each time she puts an order in.

Best of all, I could get Clear Jel without having to order it online...and cheaper too. In fact, I thought the prices on what I bought were quite good. The cinnamon and pecans were real bargains, the ginger was quite reasonable, but I thought the nutmeg was a little high compared to the other spices there. So far I've only compared the prices to the place online I ordered Clear Jel from last year and find I saved $20. I need to compare the spice prices at the regular grocery store. I'll probably be even happier with my purchases after that.

So far this little store isn't offering a lot of competition to the regular grocery store in town but they do offer good deals on the staples, and of course the Clear Jel, which you can't buy in any regular store I've looked in. I hope as time goes on that they will offer fresh produce and fresh farm eggs seasonally as well. Growing vegetables and raising hens for eggs could be a nice little bit of supplemental income for some Amish families and us English could have good fresh food at a reasonable price. Couldn't beat that.

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  1. I'm curious. What is Clear Jel and how is it used? You mean like in jello?

    Just hearing about the Amish store sounds friendly and healthy!