Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's wrong in this picture............................?

I took some pictures of my quilts hanging in the show today. They looked nice, but there is a teensy weensy problem with this one............can you find it?


Over on the right side, fifth row down. There, see it now? Well, this was the first time I noticed it too. I admit I'm a little embarrassed. How many times did I look at that quilt & not see it? I laid everything out on the floor before I started sewing. Sewed the rows & left them lay while I sewed the rows together. Laid it all out & left it for a while to admire it. Loaded it on the machine & quilted it. Spread it out over the couch & took a picture for the show entry......never noticed a thing wrong. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! By the way, that picture was on my blog and none of YOU noticed either or I hope somebody would have let me know. I just hope I can live with leaving it as it is.......otherwise I'd have to take off part of the binding, pick out the quilting, take the piece out & turn it the right way, requilt that section and reapply the binding. Sounds waaaaaaaaaaaay to tedious. We'll see how resistant I can be to glaring errors.


  1. Ugh is right, I'm not sure I'd want to do all the work but I'd probably feel like I had to point it out every time I showed the quilt to some one. So maybe you should gift it!

  2. gift it to me!!!!! I love it just the way it is!!!! Jennie

  3. Leave it! Makes the quilt "uniquely" you! I have a Jacob's Ladder quilt with a whole block turned wrong. I left it, I love it, and I laugh that I missed it!

  4. Augh!! I hate it when that happens. Now you know and I know that it will drive you crazy every time you look at it so you must...must I say!!....send it to me. heeheeheehee I think it looks lovely my friend! :)

  5. It is one of those "humility blocks" that the Amish quilters put in on purpose. Go ahead and tell people that if someone asks you!

  6. no way i say leave it. the colors are gorgeous and its kind of funny and interesting that you didnt even notice it all that time. i think its a tribute to how we are all doing our best, usually, and though most all of us have some kind of flaw or another, it doesnt matter, we are still beautiful and having success and generally functional. congrats on such a lovely piece. i say dont change it!!

  7. You are right -- I saw it, admired it, and never noticed the flaw!
    But, I know how you feel -- leaving it that way would really be difficult for me.
    Good luck!

  8. Hey, Nebraska resident - I just found you.

    Enjoyed hearing the unplesantness of the dogs, and looking at that string quilt, and yes, I DID find the error. 8-)

    Dare I say "Have a good Day"?, -- well you'll know I read several o f your posts.

    I'm out here in western part of the state, practically in Wyoming, and South Dakota. 8-)

  9. me again -- the 'error' just gives someone something to talk about -- leave it in - makes things even more interesting for this great quilt. BTW, that one is also on my list of "must do."