Sunday, July 12, 2009

Don't think I'm cut out to have dogs

The dogs have gone home!! The kids picked them up a little after midnight last night. You have never seen three such happy dogs. I thought they'd wag their tails right off.
Jenny is much calmer in this picture:

And here's Zoe, the little rabble-rouser. I'll miss that cute little face & satellite ears, but I WILL NOT miss that shrill bark. Every little noise and she would start barking and trying to incite the Labs to join her.

I never got used to them jumping up to follow me around every single time I moved. My cats watch me all the time, but they don't want to join in every time I move from one spot to another.

I did get the binding on another quilt today. One more to go for the quilt show. I think the labels are going to be the iron-on kind, I'm running out of time. The next week or so will be pretty tomorrow, budget meeting with Village Board tomorrow night, followed by Quilt Club in Ewing. Tuesday will be touring Ashfall, lunch out and sewing with some fellow Heartstrings members. The rest of the week will be routine, but next Monday I work, run my quilts to Tilden for the show and hurry back for a book signing at the library in the evening. Maybe I'll collapse after that.


  1. Maybe you should eat some cookies to keep your strength up! Wow you have a lot going on!! I loved the pics of the dogs....going to your house must be really tough. hahahahaha

  2. Hay, I love the background in your photo!! I am looking forward to Tues. Flicsha

  3. Yes, cats and dogs are different. Although my cats mess up my house quite a bit (scratching, hairballs) the dog's barking and jumping and hyperness messes up my peacefulness!