Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ready for a little ranting?

.......or venting or whatever you want to call it. We've recently acquired some less than wonderful neighbors. Four households in our neighborhood and another household further away near school. They all have big, loud, dangerous dogs...several pit bulls among them. The household near school also has a strange young man living there along with five pit bulls. Recently several kids where attacked near this house, at least one bitten. They said the door was opened & the dog just shot out right at them, on the attack. The Village made sure they got rid of the five pit bulls there, the deputy serving the papers got bitten so that dog is now dead. Four more are locked up somewhere. They had tried moving two of them to the daughter's house but that didn't work, she had been served papers too. Another house about a block away from me has at least one pit bull & there's a pen with three big dogs, two possible pit bulls, one possible rottweiler less than a hundred yards from our yard. With several small children in the neighborhood it's a definite worry. I know the people living near me are neglecting the animals.............their water container was laying on it's side when I got home from work yesterday around 4pm and it's still laying in exactly the same spot so I know they haven't been given water. They barked off and on all morning. What is wrong with people???? I'm afraid one problem is that their dogs are probably smarter than they are. All these people in five households are related and I doubt there's a fully functioning brain among them.

One of the couples lived here before and moved to Ewing because they felt they were being "harassed" because of their dogs. The minutes of a recent Ewing Town Board meeting in their newspaper states that "C.H.'s pit bull won't be a problem any more because it has been moved to Orchard." Sounds like Ewing is plenty glad to be rid of them. Lucky Orchard. Most of the nearby neighbors would just like to make these dogs disappear some dark night. And if their owners packed up and suddenly left nobody would shed any tears over that either. End of rant.

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  1. Thank you for blogging about this very important issue. This is happening all over the U.S. These are exactly the types of owners whose pit bulls will escape owner property and attack innocent people and pets. These victims frequently suffer severe and disfiguring injury with 6 figure medical bills they are forced to pay themselves.