Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crossing things off the list

Two of the grand-kids were here over the weekend....Hailey and Tyler. They are both great kids, but man can they fight. Yet neither one wants to do anything alone. They're both too stubborn for that. I didn't think to take a single picture.

I got the five quilts completely finished and took them to Tilden yesterday to check in for the quilt show. I will go back to take in the show and bring them home on Sunday. I forgot to take a picture of the stack before packing them up.

Last night we had a local author at the library for a book signing for his first book called "The Hills of Mars." It's part family history, part Nebraska pioneer history and the story of a little community that no longer exists. I totally forgot to take my camera, so no pictures.

Do you see a trend developing here with the "no pictures" situation? I really need to do better. I DID get some new rechargeable batteries for my camera so maybe I'm not completely hopeless after all.

Today I'm hoping to get the blocks we made at the sew-in last week laid out and at least get started sewing them together. Better not hold your breath waiting for pictures.

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