Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A good day

Today we had our mini Heartstrings sew-in for Nebraska. We started the day off by meeting at the Orchard Library before going to Ashfall Fossil Bed State Historical Park. Being the frugal quilters we are we wanted to all ride in one car & only have to buy one park sticker. I did my tourist's duty and spent actual money on a souvenir bag full of pretty stones. Does that make me dumb as a box of rocks?....Don't answer that!! The pictures show the large, new barn enclosing the dig, Mike Voorhies, the discoverer of the site, working at uncovering a fossil, US (Lori, Linda, Flicsha, Jennie) and my bag of rocks on a map of the excavated portion in the barn.

Next, our thoughts turned to FOOD. We found that the restaurant we planned to have lunch at is closed on Mon. & Tues. Their loss. After some discussion we headed to the "One And Only Winnetoon" to eat at Elaine's Tavern. Good food & we got to gawk at a busload of tourists. After eating we toured around Main St. fixed up to look like an old timey town. I took a lot of pictures but the gremlins got them....or maybe I accidentally made some change to the settings dial that made all the outdoor pictures' exposure totally blown out. All I have to show for that adventure is these: Outhouse Row.

After taking the scenic route back to Orchard, skipping the 3hr. $5 hiking tour of "Mars", opting instead for the free drive-by, we got back to the library in Orchard and sewed for a few hours.

Hey, I'm not in any of those!! How did that happen? he he

Even with some goofing off and silliness we managed to finish 51 blocks, enough for a quilt with a few left over. I'll set them together, quilt & bind. The quilt will be going to a boy in my grand-daughter's class who has been fighting cancer. I hear he's doing well and hopes to start 9th grade with his class this fall.
We had a good time and there's been talk of trying to get together sometime again this summer.

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