Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby Steps

Just to be doing something quilt-y today I rounded up the blue scraps I had sorted out a while back and started ironing them. I can cut out HSTs for "Jamestown Landing" and cut strings for the string-pieced blocks of  "Orca Bay".  I was surprised at some of the bigger pieces of fabric I found among the scraps, but upon looking closer I saw that some were light damaged and those parts will have to be cut around. What I don't cut for the two quilts will be cut into strips for the strip drawers or squares for the squares drawer. Anything that won't make at least a 1 1/2" square gets tossed. NOTHING is going back into the scrap tub and box!!

Time to go to bed four days in a row off work is just about over. Tomorrow it's back to the usual schedule.  It will be quit awhile before I get that many days in a row off again. :(

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