Monday, January 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Does ONE block and a container of strips even count? It's what I've been working on...the red string-pieced blocks for the Orca Bay quilt.

I know some quilters don't like doing the string-pieced parts, but they are my favorite and I do them first. I find making the QSTs and HSTs much more tedious, especially the cutting.

To see more of what others are working on, head over to Judy L.'s  website for more links.


  1. I don't like making all the sub blocks first .... I like to make a few blocks at a time and watch the quilt come together as I work.

  2. Looking good - glad you are enjoying making this quilt. I am following along with envy.

  3. Just visiting - you have a lot of lovely quilts finished! I'm sure this one will come together in due course too! Bonnie's patterns are great! And I notice the beach in your wallpaper - I know just how you feel, except I can be at the beach in 30 minutes. Love that Indian Ocean!