Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My son's poor little Aerio

It was parked in the parking lot near the office at Nucor and somebody on some big piece of equipment backed into it. Nucor is supposed to be paying to fix it but the repairs are going to amount to twice or better what the car is worth so I'm wondering if they'll stick to that.  Son's feeling kind of bad. It's the first car he bought brand new and kept long enough to pay off.

On a happier note, I finally did some sewing. In the past couple weeks I did lots of cutting for a couple different quilts but finally have something to show for it. The blue strings are all sewed to those little 3.5" blocks for the Orca Bay quilt.

Technically, this was supposed to use up blue strings I already had, but my blues were so dark & dull I cut brighter ones. Now I have more strings than ever.  LOL

And, SOMEONE did lots of this during the cold days.

Looking back at my blog posts I see that I never posted a picture of the Christmas Lights top when it was completely finished. Oh well, now I might as well wait for a picture of the finished product once it gets quilted and bound. If I ever get some batting. The stores around here just don't sell what I like so will probably have to order online. So much for shopping local!!


  1. Oh no! It's awful to have someone crunch a car that you've paid for and do more damage than the car's worth (speaking from sad experience here, unfortunately) I'm glad he wasn't in the car and didn't get hurt.

  2. Oh, your son's poor car. I hope it all gets paid back properly.

    That's one relaxed cat!