Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Checking In.......

.....Nothing too interesting going on. I've been slicing up scrap fabrics into strings for the blue string blocks in "Orca Bay" and 2 1/2" strips for "Jamestown Landing".  Let's just say I'm getting real tired of blue!!

Some of these pieces are pretty good sized so strips are finding their way into the strip drawers to as well as being cut into squares and bricks. I see a Bricks & Stepping stones quilt in my future. I also want to revise the size of the smallest piece I'm willing to keep....from a 1 1/2" square  to a 2" square.  I'll do 1 1/2" strips, but not small for me.

Some of these larger scrap pieces were in the scrap bin because of light damage. I look at them and tell myself to just toss them in the trash. But there are good sections and that little frugal quilter in my head says, "Fabric is selling for $10 and more a yard. Those sections are worth that so how can you throw them away?" And, you know what?? I CAN'T THROW THEM AWAY.

So there you have it.


  1. I have went way back on your Blog and searched your Profile and for the lifr of me I can't find what "Little Town" in Nebr you live in.... I very curious,,,,I spent 45 years of my life in Nebr....Born on my parents cattle ranch in the sandhills, near Lakeside... I love little towns!! Thanks for stopping by my Blog recently,,,,

  2. Good for you, doing all that organising! A good start to the New Year -- and you've inspired me to get busy, too! I love your Christmas lights quilt (in another post).