Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not Much Going On

Nothing exciting going on around here. Jan. 8th we went to DH's sister's house for the annual after-Christmas get together for his family. As always, a good to see the whole family, plenty of food, crazy card bingo game, sister-in-law thought she lost her rings but found them, lots of good visiting.

Quilt Club the following Tues. Everyone made it there and we made some cool zippered bags(why don't I have a picture of mine?) and enjoyed "sack lunches" prepared for us by hostess Linda P.  Felt kind of stuffy by the time I went to bed that night, but thought it might be a reaction to someone's perfume.

Nope, it was a cold. So battled that for several days & finally felt better by this past Sunday.  Colds have to be one of the most miserable drug out affairs there is. But now I'm back to my usual sniffliness so all is well.

This past Sat. we found ourselves with the usual sewer problems. Since it was a 3-day weekend again we were lucky to get the main line jetted out on Monday. Now I can't bring myself to trust that the drains will actually drain when I wash clothes, run the dishwasher or when we take showers so run to the basement often to check.  I told the town maintenance man that before he takes the next 3-day weekend he'd better plan on jetting that line first. He thought that was funny, but I was SERIOUS.

The only thing quilty I've done in all this time was cut some blue strings for the string blocks in the Orca Bay quilt. At this rate who knows when it will ever get finished.  Sorry there's no pictures in this post and it's kinda boring, but that's been my life lately.

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