Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am soooo tired of........

Wind and chilly weather and clouds, but no rain. I SO want some nice spring weather before it turns hot, humid and unbearable. Today it's so chilly and windy out that I may make chili for supper.................how's that for almost the middle of May? What do I want for my birthday? Sunshine, 75 degrees, very gentle breeze!!!!!!!There, got that out of my system.

Last night we had our Quilt Club meeting. I was so sleepy after work that I took a short nap & was still a little cranky & dopey when I went, but perked up just fine once I was there. We always have fun when we're together, no matter what we're doing. Last night we sewed more string blocks for charity. Lots of bright colors...lime, lavender, pink, blue, yellow...they'll make a really cheerful quilt for someone. Picture here. Plus, for refreshments, we had the BEST chicken salad!! The strawberry shortcake with homemade cakes and real whipped cream was excellent too, but the chicken salad........OHHHH MY!! Guess you can tell I liked, no, loved it, right?

Stupid me, I forgot to take my really bright quilt top for show 'n tell. Maybe next time. And, maybe by then I'll have it quilted too............maybe.

When I went to Norfolk on Friday I bought some new decor items to perk up my living room for the summer. I have kind of a beachy look going and picked up a couple sofa pillows and a throw in ice blue/brown. Also did a candle arrangement...square white dinner plate from Target, brown/blue/cream pillar candles found in Menards of all places and seashells & a starfish from Hobby Lobby. Turned out cute, but the one candle sure has a strong scent. My cat has fallen in love with the pillows & her new favorite napping spot is the couch, snuggled up against one of the pillows. She loves plastic & the inner pillow sounds like there is a layer of plastic under the covering. Can you say "covered in cat hair?"

And that's been my exciting life of late.


  1. one day when I am in Yankton, pick a project to work on and I will pack my stuff up and come to your house and sew!

  2. Boy what a surprise I went to the here and it was my blog. I thought maybe it was the photos someone took that night. Everything looks good! Flicsha