Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Sharing

I had to take a picture of my birthday cards before I put them in the trash. This way I can save the memory but don't have to keep the actual cards. Lord knows my house is already more than full.

I mentioned in a previous post that my Pfaff is all snug in her cabinet again and here she is. I had to piece some bindings just to be able to sew on her. The first thing I did when I put her back in the cabinet was to attach the Bendable Bright Light. It's one of the best inventions for the money. Neither one of my machines has the best of lights and now I can SEE when I sew. Hallelujah.

And this is what I'm doing today. It's got a t-shirt square in the middle that has the heavy rubbery picture on it so I'm going to do this one free hand in the double loop design that Mary showed on her blog this morning. I just hope I can make it look even half as good as hers. Then I'll do something in the center square to fill in places where the rubbery stuff isn't.

And that's my Sunday. I took the easy way out & got pizza from downtown for lunch. I'm so glad I finally got the hubby trained to eat it. Took some steaks out of the freezer to grill for supper. Have you ever tried the KC Masterpiece Steakhouse Marinade? Really makes a steak even more yummy than usual.

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  1. Yum! I also like the Jack Daniels Whiskey River sauce - bet your steaks were yummy!!!