Friday, May 29, 2009

The toes are ready...............

............for summer!!!

I practically live in flip-flops in the summer so it's fun to paint the toenails. Nail polish on my fingers gets so battered that it's a waste of time.

Today's task was to go to Norfolk & pick up my sewing machine from the sewing machine hospital. It's all happy & snug in it's cabinet again. Things that haven't worked in ages are working again. It's amazing what a good cleaning & lubrication can do.

Since there wasn't so much "have to" shopping to do I could do a little looking just for fun. Came home with a pair of orange join the sparkly hot pink, sparkly lime green, sparkly black, beige & turquoise and black with blue trim ones. Also a few pairs of shorts & a couple new tops. Kind of an enjoyable day considering I was shopping.

Also bought candy for the guessing jar for the library's Summer Reading Program and a few prizes for the end of the program. When I got home I went down to the library to get book bags ready and COUNT CANDY. The program kicks off tomorrow, so it will probably be a busy day. Thank God I got all the computer stuff working right. I had a light bulb moment while I was talking to the Village Clerk & went back to my side of the building to try a couple things. It didn't all work but removing a "www" from one line of the configuration screen worked wonders. Why does it ask for it if it's unnecessary?? Just to aggravate poor unsuspecting librarians like me, I bet. (Me paranoid?? No.........)

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  1. hehe, I love feet/shoe pictures. I will admit to being a shoe whore! Mostly flip flops. And I bought some new "really red" polish the other day to do my toes!