Tuesday, May 12, 2009

These should have been in the previous post

The story was in the last post....now the pictures.

Here's the couch with the new pillows and throw, complete with the cat in love with the pillows. That picture is my "vacation in a frame" and started the whole beachy theme. I painted the walls a sand color about two years ago, and painted all the trim white. The room really needs new carpeting...that blue is looking pretty bad. Maybe this summer.This is the candle arrangement I put together out of bits and pieces from three different stores. It's amazing what you can find at Menards sometimes. The candles smelled really strong at first but now they're starting to smell really good.

When I was in Alco in O'Neill on Saturday I bought a bunch of FQs & a 1-yd. piece in the blues/tans/browns that will go with the rest of it to make a table cloth for a round lamp table I have. Years ago I bought a square Battenburg lace tablecloth & it will go over the pieced tablecloth, topped by a round piece of glass to protect it all. It's all coming together. Just need to get all those snowmen put away...they really don't go with the beach theme at all. :-)

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